Point Goddess

Developing Female Athletes from a Holistic Perspective.

1. Our Mission

Point Goddess is an organization that empowers females. We aim to create a community that supports and services women’s initiatives as well as exchanges solutions and ideas with groups with a common interest.

Point Goddess wishes to develop females from a holistic perspective, developing one’s mind, body, and soul. We provide financial and entrepreneurship workshops, health seminars, women’s empowerment collaborations, personal development workshops, and more to help them achieve their dreams.

2. What We offer

Financial Literacy Workshops

When it comes to athletes, it is crucial they know how to manage their money wisely and ensure that they have enough saved up to support themselves after their playing days are over.

Financial literacy can also help athletes avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous agents or promoters. In short, financial literacy is an essential part of being a successful athlete.

Personal Development Workshops​

Female athletes often have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. They need to be able to perform well on the court or field while also maintaining their academic and personal lives. This can be difficult, especially if they don’t have the proper tools and resources.

That’s where Point Goddess comes in. We provide personal development workshops that help female athletes manage their time, set goals, and stay on track.


We are dedicated to helping female athletes in all aspects of their lives. If you’re looking for someone who can help your athletes achieve their full potential, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help get your athletes started on a path to success.

Championship Mindset Workshop​

You become a more complete athlete when you develop your mind, body, and soul. You’re better able to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. This is why so many teams focus on developing the whole athletes, not just one aspect of them.

Mentoring Programs​

Female athletes can benefit greatly from mentorship programs. These programs pair them with successful women who can provide guidance and support. Mentors can help female athletes navigate the often-complex world of athletics while also giving advice on academics, careers, and personal life.

Health Seminars

Nutrition is a critical aspect of any athlete’s training routine. It’s especially important for female athletes, who need to ensure they’re getting the proper nutrients to support their health and performance. Unfortunately, many female athletes don’t have a good understanding of nutrition, which can lead to poor eating habits and nutritional deficiencies.

Our health seminar help provides your athletes with valuable and easy-to-implement tips to improve their nutrition.

3. Our story

Since its inception in 2020, Point Goddess has been dedicated to empowering female athletes through financial and entrepreneurship workshops, health seminars, women’s empowerment collaborations, personal development workshops and seminars.

Owner Keana is a student-athlete and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. She has been empowering female athletes for years and is excited to continue doing so through Point Goddess.

4. Upcoming Events

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